Walmart promotes 4,000 asset protection professionals


Last Friday, November 19 marked a milestone for asset protection professionals across the country when Walmart promoted nearly 4,000 Asset Protection Assistant Store Managers to the new role of Asset Protection Operations Coach. active.

Joe schrauder

“This team has been on the front line leading the health and safety efforts in our stores during the pandemic, and I cannot say ‘thank you’ enough for the work they have done,” said Joe Schrauder, vice -President of Asset Protection and Security at Walmart. “We asked a lot and they answered time and time again. This high position reflects our commitment to protecting people, ensuring products are available to customers, and providing a great in-store experience. I have never been so proud to be a part of the AP and Security team here at Walmart.

The past 24 months have posed tremendous challenges for professionals in the retail industry as we have sought creative ways to safely adapt to the many obstacles that have directly influenced the way we do business. Consumers around the world have been forced to adjust their shopping habits and mindset in light of the many changes. Illicit retail activity and organized crime have increased, forcing loss prevention services to do more with less. Supply chain logistics must be managed appropriately to ensure a successful plan for delivering goods to customers. There is an increased need to track and manage goods to meet customer demands. A sustainable business model is needed to keep everything running smoothly. And all of this needs to be accomplished as clients ride an emotional roller coaster as they experience the rapid pace of change and continuous adjustments that impact our lives in so many ways.

Yet through it all, we’ve had those who stepped up, made the transition, and taken on additional responsibilities to support the business and our customers when we needed it most. Loss prevention and asset protection professionals have been instrumental in this change. Given the tragic difficulties and complications that have changed lives on a global scale, this gives us another example of how so many have risen to the challenge, protected our businesses and contributed to our security.

Please join us in congratulating the entire Walmart team for a job well done and the management at Walmart for taking this important step!


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