OHIO professors honored for continuing to share their expertise and research through their work with the media


Each year, Ohio University faculty members contribute their extensive knowledge and research to members of the media, acting as sources of stories, sharing their findings, and being featured for the work they do at the both within the university and in the community.

In the 2021 calendar year, 221 faculty members from each college and regional campus were featured in 2,300 media stories around the world. Some faculty members have been mentioned in media outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Smithsonian Online, BBC, and many others. They talked about topics ranging from finding fossil footprints believed to be a bear that was actually human, to college challenges, especially amid the pandemic. In addition to being featured in media around the world, they have also created strong relationships with local and regional media, being go-to sources on topics impacting the region.

“Being named a faculty reporter is an incredible recognition, as it not only recognizes the work and accomplishments of our faculty, but also helps build the reputation of Ohio University as an educational institution with world-class educators and researchers,” said Vice President and Vice President Elizabeth. said Sayrs. “Ohio University faculty prove daily in the classroom, in their communities, and in the media how their expertise, hard work, and dedication can impact right here in Athens, Ohio, and in our region, all over the world. It is an honor to work with these extremely capable and generous educators and I am grateful that they are the leaders we have to teach our students. »

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) partners with University faculty members and researchers who are committed to sharing OHIO stories by engaging with national and global media entire.

At UCM, these people are known as OHIO Faculty Journalists and are defined as employees who, regardless of title or classification, teach at Ohio University and have been included in media placements tracked by Cision, a monitoring service used by UCM to track media placements of the University. Faculty reporters can include tenured and non-tenured professors, as well as administrators who serve as educators in OHIO classrooms.

Many OHIO faculty reporters are participating in the Ohio University Expert Directorya searchable database that makes it easy for members of the media to find and connect to expert Ohio University sources on a wide range of topics.

As the world and media platforms continue to evolve, UCM has also adapted honors for journalists. This year and going forward, instead of naming the top 10 reporters of the calendar year, we’re highlighting our top five reporters through interviews with each of them for the OHIO community and media to to learn more about their work and research, as well as to learn more about how they became interested in their field of study and their plans for the future.

The following OHIO faculty reporters were named OHIO’s top five reporters for most media placements in the 2021 calendar year:

  1. Ellison McNuttteaching assistant professor of biomedical sciences at the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, was mentioned 396 times in the media in 2021. The year 2021 was his freshman year at Ohio University and his first recognition as a faculty reporter. His expertise covers human evolution, biological anthropology, paleoanthropology, hominins and biomechanics. Most of her media mentions came from a study she published in “Nature” of fossil footprints found in Tanzania in 1978 and initially dismissed as a bear. However, she recently excavated this site again and determined, through detailed analysis, that the footprints were made by an early human. His research focuses on understanding the origin and evolution of the human lineage, using multiple research approaches including comparative anatomical dissection, functional morphology, biomechanics, bone biology, and fossils to understand and reconstruct locomotor behavior in extinct great apes and human ancestors. His fieldwork takes place mainly in Southern and Eastern Africa. Some of his media mentions include: Smithsonian online, CBS News, The New York Times, Associated press, NPRand Scientific journal.
  2. David RidpathAssociate Professor of Sports Management at the College of Business, was mentioned 314 times in the media in 2021. Many of his mentions came from quotes about coaching salaries, varsity athletes fighting for their rights, how a new Michigan staffer strayed outside the regulation of the NCAA and how race and politics can divide Americans on sports issues. He has been one of the Top 10 Reporters every year since its inception, being named the Top Reporter of 2019 and 2016. Ridpath is an expert in intercollegiate athletics, intercollegiate sports governance, sports law, sports administration and governance reform, among others. He has also appeared before congressional committees and served as an expert witness in numerous cases involving intercollegiate athletics and varsity athlete rights. Ridpath has published several articles in publications such as the Journal of Law and Sports, The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, and the Journal of Intercollegiate Athletics. Some of his media mentions included: ABC News, ESPN online, US News and World Reportand Sports Illustrated.
  3. Katherine Jellisonprofessor of history at the College of Arts and Scienceswas mentioned 270 times in the media in 2021. She has made the news every year since her inception, making six times the top 10 list and being named best actress of press in 2020, 2018 and 2017. Many of her media mentions came to be quoted talking about Doug Emhoff, America’s first second gentleman, as well as Jill Biden’s impact as America’s First Lady She is a gender expert in politics, women’s history, contemporary American politics, marriage and marriage customs, and first ladies. She has authored numerous journal articles, book chapters, and books, and is currently working on a book about Old Order Amish women in the 1930s and 1940s. Some of her media mentions include: The hill, Business Intern, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPRand The Vancouver Sun.
  4. Robert Foehlexecutive in residence in business law and ethics at the College of Business, was mentioned 124 times in the media in 2021. He has been a journalist for five years, making the top 10 for the last three consecutive years. The majority of his media mentions came from being quoted speaking about the National Association of Realtors banning hate speech. Föehl’s expertise covers business ethics, business law, ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility, among others. Prior to working at OHIO, Föehl was the first director of corporate compliance and ethics at Target, practiced in-house law for multinational corporations, was a compliance professional for one of the largest major financial institutions in the country and was a federal regulator. Some of his media mentions include: Breitbart, online world magazineand USSA News.
  5. Lisa HarrisonProfessor of Teacher Education and Associate Dean at Patton College of Education, was mentioned 74 times in the media in 2021. This is the first year that she has been named one of the top personalities in the news and was a journalist at the faculty three years before. The majority of his mentions were to be featured for receiving the national mid-level education award, as well as for speaking on why college is as hard as it is and how the pandemic has made it worse. Her expertise and research interests include identity construction for young black adolescents, preparation for teacher education, and teaching for social justice. Harrison holds a BS in Mathematics from Spelman College and an MST in Secondary Education from Pace University. She also holds a Ph.D. in secondary education from the University of Georgia. She teaches courses on early childhood education and teacher action research. In addition, she is the coordinator of the Middle Childhood Education program. Some of his media mentions include: The Washington Post, The Hechinger Report, Journal of Blacks in Higher Educationand the Associated press.

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