Kakao forms panel to monitor and advise on tech ethics


Kakao has set up an internal panel of technical officers to assess the ethics of its technologies and their social impact, the company announced on Monday.

The “Tech for good” committee will verify the ethical and social aspects of Kakao company technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) programs and automated algorithms.

The committee will review company guidelines and communicate any changes that need to be made to each company.

The committee will be led by Lee Chae-yeong, the head of Kakao’s technology department, and will include technical and ethical officers from subsidiaries including Kakao Pay, Kakao Entertainment, Kakao Brain and Kakao Mobility.

It will be placed under the Corporate Alignment Center, which oversees the operations of the subsidiaries.

Technological ethics cells will be set up within each Kakao company. A human rights and technology ethics team will conduct studies on the protection of human rights and the maintenance of technology ethics guidelines globally.

“The committee will endeavor to conduct in-depth discussions that will enable Kakao to become a leading IT company that is responsible and contributes to the sustainability of our society,” said Hong Eun-taek, co-CEO of Kakao, in a statement. Press release. .

BY YOON SO-YEON [yoon.soyeon@joongang.co.kr]


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