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TOKYO, November 16, 2021 – (JCN Newswire) – NTT Corporation (NTT), NTT Security Corporation (NTTS), NTT TechnoCross Corporation (NTT-TX) and NEC Corporation (NEC) have jointly developed an international standard for the concept of a Cyber ​​Defense Center (CDC) and its construction, management and evaluation process for strategic and systematic responses to cyber risks. It has been published as Recommendation ITU-T X.1060 ( by the Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations.

With the recommendation, various businesses and organizations are expected to improve their cyber risk response capabilities by creating and strengthening security response organizations based on a systematic framework.

Summary of recommendation

ITU-T Recommendation X.1060 defines the CDC as “an entity within an organization that provides security services to manage the cybersecurity risks of its business activities”. The framework describes the three construction, management and evaluation processes that CDC should implement, and also outlines the service functions that CDC should have in order to implement more specific cybersecurity measures.

Contribution to the recommendation and future developments

In this recommendation, the content of the “Handbook for Security Response Organizations” published by the Information Security Operations Providers of Japan (ISOG-J), in which NTT, NTTS, NTT-TX and NEC participate , has been adopted. In addition, the specific operations and services required to achieve an effective security response in enterprises are provided as best practices with 64 types in 9 categories. Thus, the recommendation can be used in practice as a guideline for cybersecurity and its organizational functions, as well as a benchmark for the implementation of specific cybersecurity response operations.

NTT, NTTS, NTT-TX and NEC will work with various organizations and groups to promote the use of the framework of this recommendation nationally and internationally for cybersecurity response.

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