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Dugan & Co Property Australia is an independent commercial/industrial agency owned and operated in Brisbane, supporting and working with transport and logistics businesses that are the backbone of our economy.

E-commerce has revolutionized the buying and selling of goods. The business model of e-commerce is clear: consumers have better access to a wider range of goods and services, allowing retailers to expand their consumer base and digital reach.

Due to online (e-commerce) shopping, many brick-and-mortar stores have realized the power of digital reach by shifting their traditional business presence to online platforms and thereby saving the operating costs associated with retail footprint. traditional.

The growth of the digital retail economy has created massive demand in warehousing, logistics and transportation space.

Dugan & Co Property actively works with clients in South East Queensland to provide locations and facilities for their growth.

“Global supply chain challenges have further compounded the need for space. Businesses are now looking to store more goods to avoid the risk of not being able to trade due to a lack of stock,” said Paul Dugan, director of Dugan & Co Property.

Industrial warehousing is in high demand as there is a need for warehouses to accommodate large volumes of inventory for businesses, consumers can purchase goods and have their purchases shipped directly from the 3PL warehouse to the buyer. This process requires large format warehouses near shipping ports, major highways and airports to increase efficiency and reduce transportation costs.

Another warehousing industry that is experiencing tremendous growth is “last mile warehousing”. This sector of supply chain management and transportation planning is the final leg of an e-commerce parcel journey.

“Turn-key buy-to-let or design-and-build-to-let new developments help businesses that need a real estate plan and get a head start,” Dugan said.

Currently at Dugan & Co we have several design and build opportunities for sale and for rent in South East Queensland. We work with our extensive network of developers to provide our customers with turnkey installations for future growth.

Rental rates are experiencing a sharp increase to compensate for the increase in construction and land rates. The evolution of the rental market sees many owner-operators shifting from traditional leasing to facility acquisition to fix their future rental costs and increase their asset base.

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