DPMC Workshop Madapatha expands its facilities


DPMC Workshop Madapatha is now equipped to take responsibility for the maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets including mini taxis, companion trucks, buses, single/double cabs, freezer trucks, tippers, door trailers -containers and prime movers with the opening of their utility vehicle facility.

They’re ready to go the extra mile by offering roadside assistance to companies that designate them as their total maintenance partner. This will allow companies to focus on their core business while maintenance, routine repairs and overall fleet upkeep are carried out by specialists.

DPMC Workshop Madapatha is a member of the David Pieris Group, a pioneer in the automotive industry, whose reputation is synonymous with trust, professionalism, attention to detail and customer service acquired over decades.

Deputy General Manager, Services, DPMC, Channa Ranawaka said there are many common and frequent issues such as white/black smoke, low tractive power, high fuel consumption, overheating brake drums or cooling systems, and various suspension and transmission-related repairs that require day-to-day handling in addition to routine vehicle maintenance. “We are fully equipped to deal with these types of ongoing repairs and have a qualified, experienced and trained set of mechanics to provide our customers with much needed professional service,” he said.

“We don’t limit ourselves to undertaking mechanical repairs only, but also offer body repairs and paintwork, including DIY work and accident repairs. The workshop caters to all the services required for any commercial fleet under one roof,” Ranawaka said.

Atelier DPMC also specializes in brake and engine overhaul, hub greasing, differential adjustments, gearbox and engine, suspension, air brake system, air conditioning, electrical repairs and electronics and the fuel system for private non-commercial vehicles. They also offer a range of interior and exterior detailing services.


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