Australian media is perhaps the least ethical sector. here’s why


The media, politicians and business leaders are considered our least ethical sectors – but one group stands out as the most misunderstood when it comes to ethical behavior.

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The media is considered the least ethical sector in Australia, according to the Governance Institute of Australia’s 2022 Ethics Index, with politicians, particularly at state level, also falling in terms of perceived ethical standards.

The media, along with social media companies Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, are considered the least ethical organizations, with journalists having a net ethical perception of minus nine, up from minus five in 2021. Only 9% of respondents to the survey thought journalists were “very ethical”; 41% of respondents think journalists are somewhat or very unethical.

This puts the media even lower than the politicians. State parliaments had a net ethics score of minus four and the federal parliament seven.

Read on about the Australian media ethics conundrum.

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