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WIESBADEN, Germany – The Army Maintenance Activity, or ArMA, spans all facilities in USAG Wiesbaden’s footprint. The hotline should only be used for emergency issues. (Reference: US Army Garrison Wiesbaden by Roland Schedel)
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WIESBADEN, Germany — The Army has rolled out the next phase of its Army Maintenance Application, or ArMA — the tool for submitting all on-demand maintenance orders for repair and maintenance. As of May 2022, ArMA is now “fence-to-fence” and is available to all tenants, buildings, and assets of the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden footprint.

The all-new mobile-friendly website allows soldiers, family members, civilians and contractors to easily submit service orders online from their desktop or mobile devices. Aligned with Army modernization efforts, ArMA is digitizing the service order process for Army-owned installations with a centralized submission and tracking system.

“Automating the maintenance-customer relationship is at the heart of what we do,” said Angela Hise, deputy head of business operations and integration division at Public Works.

“Customers expect it. This is part of the military operating in the information age – not just for housing but for all facilities within USAG Wiesbaden’s footprint, what we call fence-to-fence.

ArMA is expected to process over 10,000 service orders per year. “Of this amount, approximately 80% should be received through the website compared to in-person or telephone inquiries,” Hise said.

More precise commands

By including images and being as descriptive as possible when entering service orders, ArMA allows service technicians to show up and fix issues, all in one visit. An important prerequisite, of course, is that an adult is present and the doorbell is heard.

Residents of military-run residences submit ArMA service orders through an easy-to-use online database available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, eliminating the need to schedule appointments or call in service technicians. service. Going forward, it is expected that most regular service orders will be handled through the online service, and the hotline should only be used for emergency issues.

As part of the Army’s ongoing efforts to improve quality of life and modernize services, this streamlined digital process is available now. Any registered user who needs a maintenance issue is now able to report the issue digitally. The whole process is transparent – allowing for easy follow-ups and information on the issue reported, who started what actions, and when the issue is resolved. The whole process is online for everyone to see and check it anytime.

For registration go to Emergency maintenance requests at U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden can still be called through the Customer Service Center helpline at 548-HELP.


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